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BJBB: Cael [Hearts] by Shironaii
BJBB: Cael [Hearts]

I pretty much finished this app weeks ago... yet I still wait until the last day to submit it :iconmingplz:
I might update with a different headshot later once I have more time to draw ;^; I tried to do fancy ish formatting but I failed OTL

My amazing mentor/referrer: :icontaiyokochan:

▌ P R O F I L E

What was the saying… Ah, apple a day keeps the doctor away~

    Name: Cael Vareth
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 130 lbs.


    Hacker || Courier
    Rank: F-Ranked refugee
    Card of Choice: 10 of hearts


    [Main: Tasers] Two small handheld tasers he keeps in his pouches around his coat. His usual method of battle is rely on his speed and agility to temporarily stun enemies before escaping/letting others help with the violence.

    [Sub: Firecrackers] Small explosives he keeps in pockets on the inside of his coat, used for distraction so he can use his main weapon, or just to give him a chance to escape. 


    [ARIA] His laptop and most prized possession. He keeps it stored in his shoulder bag at all times and is never without it. A hacker’s computer is their most important weapon, and he keeps his fine-tuned and at his side no matter what.  Affectionately named it ARIA to remind him of his long, lonely existence in his home that drove him to technology.

    (Aria - a long, accompanied song for a solo voice, typically one in an opera or oratorio.)

    ▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

    [Amicable – Gullible – Courteous – Excitable – Shameless – Awkward – Curious – Honest - Intelligent]


    Cael is a very friendly person and always eager to talk with anyone and everyone. As friendly as Cael is, there are times where he can be pretty awkward due to the lack of interaction with others during his childhood. For a sub job, he chose a courier, as he thought he would be able to get around more and experience things out in the field that he wasn’t able to in his childhood. Extremely innocent and gullible, he’ll pretty much believe anything you say to him. Coupled with his naivete, Cael might just be the most shameless person you will ever meet. He was devoid of many adult figures to teach him the rules of how to act in public, so there's a 100% chance that you'll experience some second-hand embarrassment when you're with this idiot in public. Not only did his utter lack of an adult figure leave him will no sense of how to act in public, Cael is what we could call old-fashioned and very courteous. He had little friends in his childhood other than books and computers, he often imitates the actions from whatever ancient etiquette books he found.


    Though Cael loves to talk and bombard people with his curious questions, he's a surprisingly good listener and likes it when other people  confide in him. To him, even if whatever you tell him isn't all that important or secret, Cael feels like he's getting closer to you, and it makes him happy to think that you can trust him enough to confide in him. Although he may be a natural airhead when not working, he's practically the opposite when around computers or technology in general. Computers, besides books, are one of the things he grew up with, and it's what has grounded him throughout his entire life. Because of this, he takes his job as a hacker very seriously and embraces the fact that he finally has a purpose: Using his skills to aid BJBB against the forces that destroyed, but also somehow recreated his life.

    ▌ B I O G R A P H Y

         Summary: Born into an incredibly wealthy household, Cael was set for success...until his recessive genes activated at 5 years old, and he changed into a rabbit-hybrid. To avoid suspicion of his family's support of the resistance, Cael was forced to remain inside his house at all times, with the rumor of him being a "sickly and weak child" spread around to the public. While he grew up, he found one way to amuse himself that eventually became his best friend: technology. With nothing to do with his time when he wasn't being tutored, he became obsessed with computers, feeling more connected to society as he learned how to influence the outside world through hacking and programming from the solitude of his family's mansion. Eventually, Cael grew incontent with his life, longing to go outside. He started small, gradually sneaking out more until he eventually could interact tentatively with the citizens in their wealthy area. This boosted his confidence, and convinced him to try his hand at going to the poorer parts of the city- a big mistake. He was immediately singled out by his wealthy clothing, and attacked by a gang. Running away from the street gang, he accidentally revealed his bunny features and started a spread of rumors around the city. Just a few weeks after this incident, POSRA came to investigate. The rumors had escalated into accusing him of being a member of BJBB by the cityfolk who were already suspicious of his family. While escaping from the manor, he was surprised by a real BJBB member who gave him the choice- whether to be captured by POSRA, or follow her to BJBB. Seeking to experience thrills of life he was never able to before, and realizing he had no other choice, he followed the fellow bunny-hybrid into the unknown.


        Cael's parents, while they were human,  were sympathizers of the rabbit-hybrids, and simply accepted him just as he was, even with his new ears and tail. Now, although this wouldn't have been anything to worry over in a different family, but the Vareths frequently supplied funds to bunny retaliation groups, including the BJBB. If people began to suspect them, their activities in the underworld would eventually be discovered. In the end they decided that having anyone find out about Cael would not only put him in danger, but it could result in severe consequences for the whole family. As much as it pained them, the rumor was spread that Cael had developed a terrible illness- which wasn't all that difficult, as many of the servants had seen his collapse and screams of pain just a few days before- and was much too weak to even venture out of their home anymore. Within a few days, most of their servants were fired, leaving only a few to be entrusted with their secret. In just a few days, Cael's whole world was suddenly enclosed inside of their manor walls, a fortress to keep everyone out and him in.  


    [Growing up]

    Over the years, Cael's parents gave him as much love as they could, never neglecting him in any manner and always kept him company at the times when they were home. But, as much as they loved him, both of them had jobs requiring them to be constantly away from home. As a result, young Cael was left along in the house with a couple servants and his soon-to-be best friends: computers. Once every toy was played with and every page of every book had been turned, Cael had grown up and needed more to amuse himself than books, toys, and his studies; that was when he discovered something he hadn't seen before in his father's study. Intrigued by it, Cael spend hours after his discovery exploring the new device, and upon his father hearing of Cael's new interest in the device called a "laptop", Cael was given the latest model as a gift. 

    From that point on, all of his free time was spent on this laptop; he soon spent more time in the company of his laptop and talking to his online friends than he did with actual others. After being introduced to the power a simple computer could have by a few of his net connections, he would stay up all day and all night: learning to program, hack, create, destroy from online lessons and his "friends". After all, he had all the time in the world to master these skills, and plenty of money to spend on the newest technology and most advanced classes. Cael was amazed at the influence these skills seemed to give him and how connected he felt to the rest of the world, even though he hadn't left the manor in years. Soon, Cael wanted more than to see the world through the screen of his computer; he wanted to go outside and actually experience it, something he hadn't been able to do for the longest time. In his adolescent years, he could no longer resist this temptation: this hunger for something real, something that he could not only see but touch. Cael broke his parent's rule; he went outside. Despite knowing how dangerous it could be for him outside, in a world discriminated against rabbit-hybrids, he didn't really understand it. Growing up in an environment surrounded by hybrid servants and parents who spoiled him, he couldn't yet grasp how brutal it could and would be. 

    [Sneaking Out]

    Tucking his ears into a cap and wearing a coat to cover his little white tail, Cael finally gathered the courage to sneak out for the first time at the age of 17. Having planned this for a while and with the manor being fairly empty most of the time, he easily slipped out of the house, and was rendered speechless by the outside world. At first, he was awkward and fidgety, scared that his secret might be discovered, to the point where he seemed almost suspicious.

        As much as he longest to interact with someone other than his parents and his servants, he was still wary of the dangers he'd heard from. For several months after the first time he left the manor, he stayed away from areas with large amounts of people and instead be found areas where he could enjoy all the wonders of the outside world without endangering him or his family. Slowly, he was able to gradually explore more and more crowded areas, that were still within the wealthier regions. Finally, after almost a year of sneaking in and out of the house, he managed to successfully integrate himself into the crowds of the wealthier regions and made the decision to go to one of the less well- off areas of the island. Overconfident from his earlier successes, he let his guard down as he wandered the streets of the city. He noticed how dirty some of the building looked, as if they had been there too long and were too tired to care if they were rundown and falling apart; he saw how the workers who had just finished their shifts shuffled down the streets, utterly exhausted. What he didn't notice was the street gang watching him walk down the streets.  

        Among the sea of plain and practical clothing, his expensive looking clothes couldn't have stood out more. He might have thought that they looked plain enough to pass in the poorer areas, but even some of the wealthiest people in the area would not have been able to afford the clothes he was wearing that day; for this was an area of people who worked long hours for very little pay. Thus Cael was stopped by a street gang and dragged into one of alleys branching off of one of the smaller streets. In the ensuing fight, he escaped with his life but only due to his heightened physical abilities as a hybrid. Unlike the gang, he had not been fighting to kill and as a result, was badly injured and had most of his belongings stolen. But, even as he was fighting for his life against several fighters hardened by the harsh life of the poor, Cael felt excited from the danger and the adrenaline- something that he never would have experienced in his confined life style.

        While running away in his panicked state, he didn't realize that both his coat and cap had been stolen, revealing his bunny features for all to see. From the look of his clothes, although dirty, slightly ripped, and even covered in some blood, Cael didn't seem to be the typical rabbit hybrid. As he ran back in the direction of his manor, the people who had previously seen him walking around knew what he had been hiding. Unnoticed by Cael, the rumors were already spreading; there were even some people tailing him home, hoping to get info they could sell to officials and to tell their friends.


        After tripping and falling multiple times in his rush to get back to the manor (and gathering lots of attention), Cael snuck back into the house and made up a flimsy lie about falling down the stairs and breaking his laptop. The servants, seeing how bruised and beaten he was, hurried to patch the boy up. It wasn't until they had finished, did they begin to question to authenticity of this quickly fabricated lie. It was no difficult feat to see that be was lying, but the servants took pity on their friendly young master and agreed to back Cael up when he told his parents his lie. Needless to say, he didn’t venture out again, but he just couldn’t stop dreaming about the thrill he felt that day, despite the injuries that accompanied that short experience.


        Only a few weeks after Cael came home covered in bruises and with much of his belongings stolen, he woke up to sirens and screams. It didn't surprise him that this was happening, as much as he had hoped that it wouldn't and dreaded the passing of every day since the incident, wondering if today they were going to come and take him away. The POSRA had come after hearing the rumors surrounding his incident. Many people had always been suspicious of the Vareth family, with their reclusive nature and "sickly" hidden away son. Not to mention their extreme wealth, which many envied them for. They were always looking for something to pin on them, and with the appearance of an unknown obviously wealthy rabbit hybrid seeking recluse in their home, they had found one. In the weeks Cael had spent resting in the manor, his brief trip had sparked accusations of him and his family being part of and supporting BJBB, a well known terrorist group. Now that it had gotten large enough to catch the attention of the POSRA, they were coming to his front door and bringing an investigation.

         Led by one of the servants, Cael was rushed through a secret exit that had been created just for this situation. He was reluctant to leave on his own, as he would be leaving his parents behind, but he was assured that his parents were on their way. While waiting for his parents to escape, he hoped for the best and assumed the worst. In the end the news was delivered by someone he hadn't expected, another rabbit-hybrid. The stranger, who he later discovered was named Suki, confirmed his worries: that his family had been caught by POSRA already and that if he didn't come with her now, he was soon to follow. She explained to Cael that she was an actual member of the terrorist group "BJBB". Her team had been sent to thwart POSRA's investigation, and she'd been tasked with rescuing any bunnies that might be in jeopardy from it. There was really only one thing he could've done that day, and by following the blue haired girl, Cael chose the path that plunged him headfirst into a world he had never known before.

                                                                                                                                                                      "Welcome to BJBB"

    ▌ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

    - He has a hearts pin on his jacket

    - He is extremely intelligent with years of schooling from the best tutors, but he often doesn't act like he is with his lack of social skills aka he's a major derp in public XD

    - Loves it when other people show interest in programming/hacking - will be a very eager teacher if you want to learn how to be a hacker

    - Collects antique objects because he's curious about how they used to work


    - Computers/any type of technology

    - Getting to know new people

    - Making friends

    - Learning new skills

    - Taking walks

    - Reading

    - people playing with his ears

    - New experiences


    - Being alone for too long

    - People messing with ARIA 

    - Hurting/killing others

    - Closed off people

    - Being rejected by others

    [ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ]

    Suki: The rabbit who rescued him and brought him to BJBB

    ▌ R P · M E T H O D S
    I usually prefer lit, though I can do script as well (and for crack because everyone loves crack) ^^
    I can pretty much use anything for rping (notes, skype, google docs, chatroom, etc) so just ask and I'd love to rp with you!

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